Total parameter editing for JV / XP series Roland Synthesizer


















The preview of the sounds at the internal of the program work in different ways, it depends from the situation in which we are in.
To activate the preview it's necessary to press the left button of the mouse together with the shift key. If, with the cursor of the mouse, we are in a "free" area of the program the preview will be immediately activated without problems.
If we are in the internal part of a library and on a patch or in a patch bank, the sound will be first sent to the instruments and then the preview will be activated.
In the editing window of the single patch the preview be always activated immediately because the sound is already in the instrument memory.
Concerning the preview of the rhythmic set, the sound will be never sent before, but will be played the selected note in the editing window ( in the keyboard that appears in the top part of the window ) and not the one formulated in the function of the Settings menu.
Some time preview can pretend some seconds before getting activated, to permit also to the program to load the midi file from disk ( in the case this option has been choosen ).
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