Total parameter editing for JV / XP series Roland Synthesizer


















The library are considered the heart of the program , and in them you can memorize all kinds of informations contained in the JV or XP memories which names with the respective icons are :

Patch Bank
Performance Bank
Rhythm Bank
For a reason of convenience we will call "objects" these kind of data. The first seven of them are standard in the instrument, instead the Global one has been added by us to receive in one dump all the contents of the momory (even of an eventual RAM card ).
It permits to have in one file all the configuration of the instrument that's necessary , for example, for a song.
To add new objects to the library you can use the buttons that are in the voice New, which are situated in the right part of the window.
With a double click on the object you can edit or see the parameters, while if you click on the object with the right button of the mouse you can enter in a contextual editing menu of the object.
Besides this there are available other functions such as drag'n drop of the objects to other libraries, banks or Trash Library.
Each object, contained in a library is described by these properties :
It indicates the kind of object ( patch, performance, etc ) with the respective icon.
It contains the name of the object.
This field is necessary for the trasmission/receivement functions and shows from which of instrument memory the object must be received ( or trasmittted ).
Modified Date
It indicates the date and the hour of the last modification done on the object : at the beginning it's the same as the date of it's creation.
Before doing any kind of operation on the object you have to put in evidence with the mouse using the left mouse button and pressing also the CTRL or SHIFT keys to do some multiple selections.
In the top part of the window there is a tool bar with these functions :

new.gif It cancels all the contents of the library bringing it back to the starting conditions.
comment.gif It permits to insert a free text that could contain, for example, some notes or file descriptions that are in a library or something else.
Naturally, this text will be saved with the library and can be recupered after.
Print Selected
print.gif It prints the selected objects with the description of the objects in it.
Send/Receive Selected
sendrec.gif It sends ( or receives ) the selected objects to ( or from ) the internal memory of the instrument. These specifications will be sent ( or received ) in the specified memory location in the SRC/DST column.
morph.gif It permits to effect the patch morphing on two patches that have been previously selected.
Patch Random Bank
PATCHRND.gif It activates the patch random bank functions on a bank (not empty) previously selected.
search.gif It permits to enter to the search window.
Find Duplicate
debug.gif It gives the function of duplicates research.
Delete Selected
delete.gif It cancels from the library (moving them in the Trash Library) the selected objects.
help.gif It gives the help page.
Visualizzation function
It's possible to order the object that are in the library in accordance to the kind of objects, to the date of modification or to their name.
You can decide to mask some kind of objects using their respective button, that are situated under the voice Mask, down on the right.
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